Our 555 promotion includes websites for businesses, recording artists, models and personal websites. A basic 5 page website (no flash) includes the following:

Business: About | Services | Clients | Products | Contact

Artist: Biography | Audio | Video | Photos | Contact

Model: Home | About | Resume | Portfolio | Contact

You can also send us your own choice of 5


Name of your site: Company or Your own name

Color theme: With 13 pages of color combinations, Click webdevelopersnotes or Color Schemes and send us the color codes of your top choice.

Your Logo: If however you have a logo design that we did not create, we would require a written statement that you own 100% copyright to the logo and based on the design concept, we reserve the final right to determine if that logo will be used on the designs. We take pride in our work and we want your site to reflect that. If your logo will deflect from the purpose of your new site we will exclude it.

Pictures: Send no more than 15 decent images of yourself/product

Data: Send the text details of each section in an e-mail or a word document.

As a bonus we can add a button for your facebook or myspace page with a link to each. If you are ready fill out THE FORM